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WhatsApp's Click to Chat feature allows you to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in your phone's address book. 1 an end to end WhatsApp Marketing platform for Bulk Messaging using it's self hosted online panel & self hosted reseller panel web script. Star. Learn & contribute. Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors This project intends to provide a complete description and re-implementation of the WhatsApp Web API, which will eventually lead to a custom client. Join GitHub today. As you have now learned the exploit to Hack WhatsApp account, therefore you can apply the same to Secure your Own Whatsapp. Our main mission is to help out programmers and coders, students and learners in general, with relevant resources and materials in the field of computer programming. There is an option to use WhatsApp from your desktop without a browser by downloading the platform via the Apple App Store or the Microsoft Store. If you do not have it, download and install it to run WhatsApp web. Today we're introducing a desktop app so you have a new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere - whether on your phone or computer at home or work. The report notes that the feature was spotted in a test version Source code snippets are chunks of source code that were found out on the Web that you can cut and paste into your own source code. See our products. For your safety, WhatsApp shows a persistent notification on the phone when there is an active WhatsApp Web session. Whereas most of the sample source code we've curated for our directory is for consuming APIs, we occasionally find something interesting on the API provider side of things. Web and Desktop Troubleshooting. The WS can stay alive, just no data is received there. NET,, Python, C++, C, and more. Buzzfeed says iPhone users are clicking their new WhatsApp button more than Twitter's. com on your computer, and scanning a QR code with your phone. Also, unlike other WhatsApp Web extensions in the Chrome Web Store, this one has beautiful icons that look great in your Chrome toolbar and provide quick access. PS: I saw these just by glancing through the WhatsApp Web Client's JS source code. Searching FAQ for 'code' Security Code Change Notification Scanova provides online tools for businesses and professionals to generate and manage QR Codes and related media for multiple use cases. NET web app or a Windows Forms Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. WhatsApp end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read what's sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp. The following are the steps users are required to follow in order to avail WhatsApp web are: First you have to pair your smartphone device and your PC. If you use a computer version of WhatsApp, the QR code will be displayed when you first start the program. Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Chat API daemon Probably created by inspecting the API calls in WhatsApp web version. Save Contacts to WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp from Facebook WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. The WhatsApp/FaceBook SpamBot is a program that allows the user to send more than 10 000 messages in no time (depending on how fast you can process them), there is no other on the marked that as easy to use as the WhatsApp/FaceBook SpamBot just open WhatsApp Web and go ahead. So in this, you should first go to the QR scanning code which is different for different operating systems. The list below includes ASP. If someone scanned a QR Code on Whatsapp Web on their PC using your phone then they will be able to see your chats and send/received your messages using that PC. It is really easy! Step 1. Our open-source WhatsApp Clone Script comes with handy support for both iOS and Android platforms users and a powerful admin dashboard. Our shipping expertise and experience enable us to take care of all the details involved in transporting your packages safely and efficiently. The Ultimate Web View is really the Ultimate Android Source Code. WhatsApp Web opens stuck to the bottom right corner of your display, like a native IM app (and like the Google Hangouts extension). Let's start with WhatsApp Web. The black and white windows are displayed in the middle of the screen, which is a QR code. Setting up WhatsApp web on your browser on a tablet is a You just need physical access to your victim phone. The advantage of Internet Explorer There is one problem if you do this with Microsoft Edge, you will have to always enter the QR Code when you access the WhatsApp Web App. I'm an Android developer, how can I integrate WhatsApp with my app? Whatsapp ohne QR Code scannen und auf dem PC verwenden. How Does WhatsApp Web Work? Most applications are only accessible on mobile and not on the desktop. In this tutorial, we will take you through the steps of using “WhatsApp Web” with help of Lumia or any other Windows Phone devices as the source of WhatsApp. Besides, you can record and send voice messages, make regular and video calls from either of the apps. Before  Javascript Free Code Download - Download node whatsapp Free Java Code. Backend / API. NET Web Application and set any name of project I set Web WhatsApp Messenger and then click on OK Button. How to set up WhatsApp Web on your iPhone: What is WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp Web is a relatively new web client, announced by the company on 21 January 2015, and offers WhatsApp users the opportunity Back to the start, as soon as you download Whatsapp web on a Computer system it generates the QR Code, go to the application’s Settings on the smartphone> WhatsApp Web/Desktop, scan the code and you are connected lickety-split. In 2014, an unofficial open source plug-in, whatsapp-purple, was released for Pidgin, On January 21, 2015, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web, a browser-based web client  Contribute to sigalor/whatsapp-web-reveng development by creating an Administration Regulations, Section 740. Whatsapp Web Download For PC: Whatsapp web is the latest web-based technology launched by Whatsappweb download developers to use this amazing application on your PC/ Laptop for free. Then, open WhatsApp on your phone. Moreover, even WhatsApp uses QR codes to authenticate WhatsApp Web. Open WhatsApp on his phone click on the menu at the top of the Right corner. WhatsApp Web login can be performed by simply pointing your phone that has the WhatsApp account configured on to it, to the QR code shown on the web page WhatsApp bulk sender software is a windows application developed on . As long as you know this person’s Download WhatsApp/FaceBook SpamBot for free. Try to find the source code for the latest release of any one of the Telegram  Dec 28, 2018 As soon as WhatsApp reads the QR code, it will connect the phone to the PC. The same code works in ASP. whatsapp for desktop, desktop whatsapp download, whatsapp desktop pc, whatsapp windows desktop, whatsapp on desktop, whatsapp for windows, web de whatsapp, whatsapp for web, whatsapp on web, whatsapp on web, whatsapp in web, How to Scan Whatsapp Web QR CodeTo use whats app on web follow the instructor source WHATSAPP STATUS CLONE SOURCE CODE IN B4A. Creates a text or URL QR Code of a website. Follow the instructions on your iPhone and align your QR code  Feb 17, 2018 WhatsApp. Catch a Similar App like WhatsappRequest a Demo . The Next Web pay-for- likes app and thus unlikely to appear in WhatsApp's source code. WhatsApp Web internally works using WebSockets; this project does as well. The notification reads WhatsApp Web is currently active and cannot be turned off. A big plus for WhatsApp is the notification feature, which allows you to tell whether the message has been delivered and read. net) which gives users the freedom during customization. ” whatsapp source code free download. com Web Login without Phone and without Scanning QR Code Possible? The answer is “NO”. Be quick to react if you see This means you can start building your system based on other messaging services and make WhatsApp available to it with just a line of code eventually. com Web . Breaking open https://web. WhatsApp Web is the web version of [third-party source needed] WhatsApp responded by blocking phone numbers that used the plug-in. 7k] The WhatsApp/FaceBook SpamBot is a program that allows the user to send more than 10 000 messages in no time (depending on how fast you can process them), there is no other on the marked that as easy to use as the WhatsApp/FaceBook SpamBot just open WhatsApp Web and go ahead. 0. WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) . You can now close the developer tool. Hibernate Hibernate is an Object/Relational Mapper tool. Here I have added a whatsapp button on my website which adds a click to open whatsapp messenger on your client’s device. NOT affiliated with WhatsApp. . Basechat is cross platform professional networking app just like whatsapp. node whatsapp. Whatsapp Clone (Scimbo™) is a chat application used to send & receive messages from your near & dear by having one on one conversations. WhatsApp Web can be used by scanning a QR code with your phone to  Businesses can use WhatsApp API web service to integrate the app with their send a WhatsApp message in Java, do this: Copy the following source code to a  . Even though I dont have much knowledge of Java, I was able to build an APP for my Blog with customised design. To get the whatsapp button on your website * add the following code. whatsapp. It allows sending bulk WhatsApp messages and campaign to unlimited numbers, all that you have to do imports your contacts, enter your message and send, chrome will open and start WhatsApp web login in and your campaign will start. Something of this sort. Use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code present on your computer or laptop screen. Ensure to Star(*) the project on GitHub to get notified whenever the source code is updated. Specify your target recipient and message on line 19. Next visit the official Whatsapp web desktop app on windows 10 isn't loading QR Code:I had whatsapp 64-bit downloaded on my windows 10 laptop and it used to work fine and then randomly one day it logged me out and ever since the QR code WhatsApp to add QR Code scanner shortcut soon WhatsApp plans on adding a QR Code shortcut to its Android app and will be available in the WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2. All from our global community of web developers. Source code snippets are chunks of source code that were found out on the Web that you can cut and paste into your own source code. 19. Then using your phone, scan the QR code shown on the browser on your PC. With the WhatsApp web app, users can sync their account on multiple devices to keep conversations flowing when at home on the desktop or on the go WhatsApp mesajlarını hızlıca bilgisayarınızdan gönderip alın. Please WhatsApp is testing a new feature that should make it easier to add people to your contact list using QR codes, reports WABetaInfo. The question was "Mechanism behind QR code scanning of whatsapp webapp" which is what described , not the complete functioning of a whatapp mobile app and web app. Basechat uses solid chat server as backend and its code and interface is at par with whatsapp. WhatsApp web client, based on Whats API. More Both WhatsApp and WeChat allow users to send and receive texts, images and videos. Hugely popular messaging app WhatsApp surprisingly doesn’t provide a desktop client. Dec 25, 2018 These tips & tricks for WhatsApp Web will help you get the best out of this Scan the QR code, and all the messages, chat group, status  Jun 1, 2019 WhatsApp Messenger, a free text and VoIP mobile app that uses Wi-Fi Remove any leading zeros or calling codes from the actual phone number With WhatsApp installed on your phone, you can access a web version of  Aug 19, 2015 WhatsApp web will sync or “mirror” data with the phone app, allowing with the web client, users first must scan a QR code from WhatsApp's  Contus Fly helps to develop your own WhatsApp clone in android & iOS platforms. on desktop https://web. Like WhatsApp Web, our deskt Code with C is a comprehensive compilation of Free projects, source codes, books, and tutorials in Java, PHP,. WhatsApp Web is a free and easy way to access WhatsApp on your iPad. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to scan a QR-code, and I can't do that as I have no camera. WhatsApp mesajlarını hızlıca bilgisayarınızdan gönderip alın. 5 billion users with over one billion groups and 65 billion messages sent every day. Overview. How to send a WhatsApp message In C#. Read on: Chrome only So far, if you want to access WhatsApp on the web, it will only work on Google Chrome and only from a computer – using Chrome on a tablet or mobile phone Hi Guys, I need to send whatsapp message using c# code, can anybody help me in this. This SpamBot allows to send 10 000+ Messages without instal[2. WebRTC is a source code that is used to build real-time communication  Aug 7, 2018 Source code: https://github. If you have separate business and personal phone numbers, you can have both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger installed on the same phone, and register them with different numbers. Popular open source Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger for Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and more. Should you have any queries or need the Source Code, please drop a word in the  Feb 20, 2018 A set of useful and lightweight tools for WhatsApp™ Web client. 6 and based on Whatsapp Web. You will see a QR code. WhatsBot Deactivated WhatsApp bot. The code is usually sent across by the WhatsApp servers when a new user is registering on WhatsApp. The following steps will help you to scan WhatsApp barcode quickly. WhatsApp. To send a WhatsApp message in C#, do this: Copy the following source code to the main class in your Console Application in Visual Studio. Also Read: Best Whatsapp Status 2015. Tap the 3 vertical dots to open the drop-down menu and select “WhatsApp Web. It is a way to use your Whatsapp messenger on laptop/PC which enables you to read the messages that you receive on your mobile device simultaneously. Its not possible to connect your whatsapp PC without the phone and QR code. WhatsApp co-founders, former Yahoo employees, know the system inside out and enjoy its security and robustness. To scan this code and connect it to the WhatsApp on your mobile, open Whatsapp clone . Setting up the Database. 189. Users can send text messages and voice recordings, make phone calls, and share documents and media securely to other WhatsApp users in individual or group chats. NET final year projects as well as mini projects developed in the form of either web application projects or website projects. Jan 25, 2017 Whatsapp accounts are based on phone numbers. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp and click the Options button at the top right hand side, then tap WhatsApp Web from the options. Copying the QR Code of Whatsapp Web will not help anyone as it is valid for only a few seconds and is independent of your Whatsapp account. [third-party source needed] WhatsApp responded by blocking phone numbers that used the plug-in. On Android: in the Chats screen >Menu>WhatsApp Web. Your WhatsApp account will now be mirrored onto the desktop with your contacts, chats as well as calls. Erlang is the primary programming language of WhatsApp, much appreciated for the performance reasons. IO , REDIS , WebRTC , MongoDB to delivery a real time messaging experience. Whatsapp web provides its users with the capability to read and send messages directly from their web browsers. Build with Electron. It's that easy. In a jiffy, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp mobile will be synced. You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Until recently, there was no way you could have used WhatsApp on desktop, be it Linux or any other OS. As of early 2018, the Facebook-owned messaging application, WhatsApp, has over 1. App/Website to WhatsApp We can use custom URL schemes and Android intent system to interact with WhatsApp but still NOT WhatsApp API. Source Files. Which you can scan Whatsapp QR code for using other accounts on your single device. Although you won't get notifications (as you would when using the service on Mac or PC), it's a great way of accessing your WhatsApp finally gave in to popular demand and released an official web version — but it's not as simple as you think. com/send?phone=15551234567 but its display a page with some source code. ) . Hello, I bring to you a demo of whatsapp status clone free source code in Basic4Android (B4A). This will set up WhatsApp Web, and you will be able to operate your WhatsApp on the computer. NET Framework 4. In this session we recreated the look and feel of how we set status on whatsapp. Open WhatsApp Web page. whatsapp-web bot Unofficial whatsapp web desktop client for OSX, Linux and Windows. com/romanzaikin/BurpExtension-WhatsApp- Decryption-CheckPoint. However, there’s another way to do this. When end-to-end encrypted, your message For storing multimedia files, the app uses an exclusive web server YAWS. NET web app or a Windows Forms or WPF app. It has all the features of whatsapp and it can be good starting point to have your own whatsapp competitor. Accelerate your startup with pre-built mobile app clone scripts with full source codes,get our Uber Clone , Tinder Clone , AirBnB Clone, Grubhub Clone. Is WhatsApp. Share Images, Audio & Video Share the beautiful memories captured, a beautiful soulful music and inspiring and interesting videos with your friends and family. This is the reason why I am removing all the links to the website. Talking about this new QR code feature, it looks like it will be useful for the small business owners as it will let them paste The gist of the process involves selecting WhatsApp Web within the mobile app, visiting web. Zakir Ali, Apteachers. The Whatsapp Source Code uses state of the art technologies like NodeJS , Socket. Created by our community Android App Templates & Source Codes Android · $15 Brightery Web To WhatsApp Wordpress Plugin · WordPress  What can be done to summon and return the WhatsApp QR code on Safari running on iPad? The goals is to use WhatsApp Web in Safari on  Mar 23, 2019 Creating WhatsApp Clone Using Firebase But do not fret, I will include the entire source code below for your reference . Hope WhatsApp will solve this problem as  Sep 25, 2017 I can easily look into the source code here to find my way into the I went through all the scripts that make WhatsApp Web work and I found  Sep 9, 2016 WhatsApp has a gang of badass developers, but it seems not all of them are particularly found of their colleagues over at Apple. Log into WhatsApp Web -> Open your mobile WhasApp applicaion and select “WhatsApp Web” as seen above which will trigger the camera on the device -> Scan the QR code displayed on the website & you’re on. And that is the reason You have the follow our guide below, also watch the video to learn more how To use WhatsApp Web, on your PC or laptop, go to web. The source code is released under The GNU General Public License v3. Icons. One of the simplest method is to Trace the suspicious activity of your WhatsApp by simply going to WhatsApp Web Option and then checking out the devices listed who are using your WhatsApp web! I want to activate Whatsapp Web from this device. [citation needed] On January 21, 2015, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web, a browser-based web client that could be used by syncing with a mobile device's connection. Whatscan for WhatsApp Is Available Now At AppsAPK. Whatscan for WhatsApp Web Download APK (latest version) for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo and all other Android phones, tablets and devices. Get 37 whatsapp PHP plugins, code & scripts on CodeCanyon. Open WhatsApp Web in a new tab or a window in Chrome. Jan 22, 2015 WhatApp has launched a desktop client service called WhatsApp Web. The WhatsApp web home page asks to scan the QR code from your mobile; Scan the QR code using Whatsapp on  Jan 21, 2015 (Android, iPhone, and Web App) Read the opinion of 37 influencers. Almost all these ASP. You will need to set up a database so that backend can store various information: 3. After that, you should open WhatsApp from your mobile device. Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. NET projects have source code and database. Having discussed the technicalities of WhatsApp it is time to shift gears over analyzing the possibilities of creating a whatsApp alternative. Step 1 Open The Visual Studio and Choose the ASP. Simply scanning a QR code shown on the Whatsapp Web page using the Whatsapp  Sep 20, 2016 So, first of all, all source code is available at these two locations: One is the Web server side bit, which will display a QR Code and allow the  Sep 26, 2017 Chrome Extension for Reading WhatsApp Web DOM . Why can't I connect to WhatsApp Web? The website should then refresh automatically and voila you can use the WhatsApp Web App in a non supported browser. Customize the TODO lines: Specify your gateway instance ID on line 10. Whatsapp Clone / Wechat Clone – Sup! Exchange text messages , make audio and video calls using the mobile calling software. In case the person scans the WhatsApp Web code using your phone, he/she will be able to access all your chat history. Are you looking to add some of the features of the ever popular whatsapp messenger to your existing or new app but cant find any source code to do so, Then worry no more because ChitChat is here to save your project. Android. Created during a hackathon. This app is really useful for Android users. ; Web Development I have installed WhatsApp API from nuGet package manager and tried to It helps us access WhatsApp via web browser. Explore 25+ apps like WhatsApp Messenger, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. I have tried plenty things which I found on Internet but none of them works for me. What is Whatscan For Whatsapp? Whatscan for whatsapp web is one of the most popular Android application. NET application. 1 // @description A chat bot for WhatsApp Web, with some basic  Apr 9, 2018 They only dump the source code over the fence once in a while. WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business. Using the Web portal is very simple as scanning a QR code (a typical bar code). Oye Gennie A bot blocked by WhatsApp. com in a web browser. You can opt for using the Web model, all you need to do is test the QR code to your tool. Q. You can also share images/videos. Also, remember; your device needs to be online at all Whatsapp Web is the version of the famous app that can be used on a web browser on your personal computer. ChitChat is a UI template of the popular Whatsapp Messenger. But now after Microsoft launched it’s amazing windows 10 OS all upgraded users browsing internet to know steps to use whatsapp web on Edge Browser. (although you won't have seen the QR code on the WhatsApp web website in that case). It's very popular among Java applications and impleme You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Now you can put on your favorite Whatsapp and forget typing on the the phone 🙂 The truth is we had already tried this feature a while ago , but either the terminal (initially was not available for iPhone by restrictions in iOS) version of WhatsApp, connection issues, the service was not practical enough. com/ Extracts from . Before starting the application for the first time, run npm install -f to To scan a QR code with WhatsApp on an Android phone, start by opening the WhatsApp Web website on your computer’s web browser, which will display a QR code. The code is a verification text sent from the servers to the user’s mobile number and the First, you should visit the website web. WhatsApp Messenger Features: Let's quickly find out about a number of the important Another Instant Messenger A WhatsApp Clone Script. Apr 3, 2019 You'll then need to open WhatsApp on your phone > Settings > WhatsApp Web/ Desktop > Scan the QR code on the browser or Desktop app  Results 1 - 19 of 19 Get 19 whatsapp scripts, code, plugins, themes and templates on Codester. Web and Desktop Download and Installation Some of your most personal moments are shared on WhatsApp, which is why we built end-to-end encryption into the latest versions of our app. Many projects are also available with project report, documentation, and ppt in addition to source code and database files. It's written in erlang according to Wikipedia WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform messenger and Voice over IP (VoIP) application. HOW TO INSTALL:: Install -> reload current tab or restart Chrome HOW TO USE: Right-click on a link or selected text -> Click on the QR Code menue Very useful when you are sitting at your desktop computer, find a interesting website and want to send someone a SMS or Whatsapp message to inform him about it. Here is a small code sample how the Unified Messaging API abstracts over all provider APIs and offers a universal function to send a message (see line 43): Introduction In this article I will show you how to make a Web WhatsApp messenger in ASP. Its major advantages are speed and scalability. chatbot, AR/VR development, database management, data science, web design and cryptocurrency. Your messages are secured How easy is it to install the whatsapp clone script? You'd need an intermediate level web developer who can do the setup for you, also android and iOS developers are required but all they need to do is, change the connect & configure the apps with the backend-end server, change the logo and compile the app. How to update WhatsApp; How to change the language; Lost and stolen pho You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. How To Get Started with Web Whatsapp: Pair and Scan Code. (The word "telegram" appeared in WhatsApp's code. Web Source is a full-service logistics company, providing you with receiving, shipping, handling, customs clearance, and delivery solutions in one all-inclusive, easy-to-use service. If you open it the first time, you will see a camera with tip open web. And it allows updating the code on the fly. Specify your client ID and secret on lines 11 and 12. Please ensure that if you fail to scan QR Code immediately, it will be disappeared from the screen; however, you can reload the code by clicking on CLICK TO RELOAD QR CODE button. WA Panel is no. We are one of the leading mobile app Clone Script development companies. com in your personal computer. Tap on Whatsapp Web button. What is New in the new version. 13) for both object code and source code. Sometime victim login to Whatsapp using his computer then there will be a logged in the device list. Buy whatsapp PHP plugins, code & scripts from $6. Mit dem Freewareprogramm Bluestacks kann man Whatsapp auf dem PC nutzen, entweder man gibt seine Handynummer (muss kein Smartphone sein) ein You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. – SysHex Oct 4 '18 at 8:47 and you do not need password to start using WhatsApp. com/ on your PC. TechRadar The source for Tech Buying Advice. Whatever approach you take to download the code, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, new features, fixes etc. in. Trick to Use WhatsApp Web on Microsoft Edge Browser: Till now we are using whatsapp web on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. How to Log in to WhatsApp Web? A. com. ==UserScript== // @name WhatsApp Web - Chat Bot // @namespace WACB // @ version 0. Clean and Easy Design. Basechat works on android as well as iphone devices. This was enough for us to build a WhatsApp sharing button generator, so you can easily create your own. Discover 6 WhatsApp Web Scan a QR code with your phone to get in. Frequently Asked Questions. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. So, if I just could emulate camera input, that means use an image or video file of the QR code and have that be taken by the OS as camera input, then I would solve the problem. If you integrated the button in your site prior to 16-09-2014, you need to update your code or the button won't work anymore. Topics · Collections · Trending · Learning Lab · Open source guides Whatsapp Web Bot - Example of Bot for use on Whatsapp Web (on Chrome). Build a Whatsapp like Messaging App with Contus Fly. FakesApp: A Vulnerability in WhatsApp August 7, 2018 Research By: Dikla Barda, Roman Zaikin and Oded Vanunu . Group Chat In addition, Bulk WhatsApp Sender provides an anti-blocking technique which reduces the chance of getting banned and keeps WhatsApp account safe Its a turn key scalable solution provided with full source code (Visual Basic. Complete solution; New smooth way You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Please use the WhatsApp Web or an application like Franz. Oct 19, 2016 WhatsApp for PC and Mac: WhatsApp Web's desktop version downloading, installing, and starting the tool, you'll be asked to scan a QR code  Aug 20, 2015 Step 4: on your iPhone, within the WhatsApp Web menu, tap 'Scan QR code'. If you are an Android user: Open WhatsApp app > Menu > WhatsApp Web and if you are an iPhone user: Open WhatsApp app > Settings > WhatsApp Web. QR Code Scanner like WhatsApp Web. General. whatsapp web source code

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